Violence Against Women

Violence against women in relationships is not a private or family affair. Relationship violence is a crime and it happens to many women.

Violence against women in relationships includes:

Offenders may be a boyfriend, husband, or partner. Violence in relationships also includes violence that happens after the couple has separated or divorced. In fact, violence often gets worse when a woman tries to leave.

Most violence in relationships involves male offenders and female victims. Statistics show that women are 8 times more likely than men to have experience violence in relationships.

Relationship violence may go by other names: domestic violence, family violence, battering, spousal abuse, or intimate violence.

Reasons Why Women Stay

One of the most common questions about violence against women in relationship is "Why do women stay?"

Most women in abusive relationships do end up leaving. However, this process can be a long and dangerous one. Non-judgmental, well-informed support is essential for assisting women to be as safe as possible, whether or not they leave their abusers. A woman in an abusive relationship probably faces at least one of the following barriers to leaving:


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